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> Is it possible to setup a file server with FreeBSD and use that
> as a home partition and also share other files on a small
> network? 

yes.  I am busy doing this to replace a Novell 3.12 server

> What kinds of utilities would I need to run?  I imagine
> NFS for *nix clients and Samba for MS clients.  

yes, afaik

> Also possibly
> share printers with this computer as well.  CUPS for that.

I wouldn't bother with CUPS.  Consider the requirement : windows PC 
needs to send print data down a wire that arrives at the printer.
A 'raw' printcap printer definition does this just fine, and just 
share the printer out via SAMBA.
In fact my server will share 5 printers out among 3 print servers.  
no CUPS anywhere...

but, if you want auto installed printer drivers, you might want CUPS, 
though it is my understandign that SAMBA can do that without it.

> Also what kind a minimum system reccomendations does anyone have?

my current Novell server is a Pentium 166, serving 25 users.
no sweat at all there.  the UTP link is 100Mbits fullduplex into a 
the FreeBSD server is a Pentium3 1.1GHz with 512MB RAM and in testing 
so far is not noticebly different from having a local harddrive.

the real issues are reconfiguring all the PC's to access it and 
educating the %$$#&#&#$ users....

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