> > With that said, are some packages (for lack of better words-->) "not
> > supported" on certain builds?  I'm running on a sparc box, 1.6.2.   

I believe so, yes. I tried FreeBSD-AMD64 and cvsup didn't exist for AMD64.

> ftp.netbsd.org seems to be down. Choose a mirror.
> ftp://ftp.gr.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/packages/1.6.2/sparc64/All
> I didn't see any sparc directory. I am clueless about sparcs
> pkg_add -v (verbose) should work if you have the proper
> enviroment(PKG_PATH=...)
> Important: this is a FreeBSD mailing list and we are talking about
> NetBSD! Subscribe to a NetBSD list.

I agree. The NetBSD folks know it better then we do.

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