I'm currently in the middle of setting up a couple of Cisco Aironet
1100 802.11b/g access points.
I've configured the APs so that they tag ethernet frames depending on
what SSID is being used by the WLAN users.
(One public and one private SSID).
Behind the APs I've set up a FreeBSD 5.2.1p9 box with pf
(/usr/ports/security/pf) installed.

The FBSD machine currently has 3 intel (fxp) ethernet interfaces: 
fxp0, management interface. 
fxp1 interface connected to a small dumb switch which the APs are
hooked up to, currently no IP adress configured.
fxp2 interface connected to the "net", currently no IP adress configured.

Then I also have 2 vlan interfaces with the respective VLAN ID's set,
they use fxp1 as their parent interface.

What I want to do is to bridge fxp1 and fxp2 and then have pf filter
the traffic on the vlans.

However, the FBSD machine seems to completely ignore the 802.1Q tags,
and not separate the traffic coming to fxp1.

So does the hive mind have any ideas of what to do?

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