Perl hackers -- Figured someone would have a reasonably quick, easy answer
for this:

I am trying to read through a file, line-by-line, and I want to extract
the text in between the [ and ] characters. I would normally half the line
by split() - ing the line first by [ as follows:

        if ($logLine =~ /$struct$structStart/) {
                @lineArray = split (/[/, $logLine);

and then further, half again later using the ]. However, Perl does not
like it when I search for [, as it thinks I am trying to use a regex. I
have tried to escape the pattern, to no avail.

Is there a 'special' escape for this, and more importantly, is there an
easier way to extract data from a line of a file without having to split
it up twice?

An example of the line I'm trying to get the contents out of is this:

| "LRED[Conversation started on 03 Feb 21:51:11]

and I need the data between [ ... ].

I know it's OT, but hopefully someone can help me out.



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