On Friday 23 July 2004 18:26, cpghost wrote:
> Malcolm Kay wrote:
> >On Friday 23 July 2004 16:04, Miguel Cardenas wrote:
> >>Hello
> >>
> >>Anybody knows a program or utility to view XML documents?
> >
> >You should realise that XML defines a syntax and grammar for
> >storing data. How that information is intended to be used
> >(or displayed) depends on the particular application for which
> >it was written.
> >
> >To examine an XML file generically requires no more than a
> >standard text editor. Or you can use an editor (say nedit)
> >which can interpret the syntax and highlight the structure.
> If your XML file came with an XSLT stylesheet, you could use
> xsltproc to convert the file to whatever the stylesheet specifies
> (that's normally, but doesn't necessarily need to be, HTML).
> xsltproc is part of the textproc/libxslt port.

Of course; but this is a very narrow view of the usage of XML. A
stylesheet with many applications of XML just doesn't make sense.
Take for example the XML project files used by MS Visual Studio
to control the compilation, linking and installation of software
from source code.


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