On Friday 23 July 2004 08:54 am, Steve wrote:
> am doing cvsup for the first time, and got the hang of it, but have one
> questions for those who used it.
> is it advisable to do src-all, or should i only do ports-all
> also is this configuration decent, in your opinion
> *default host=cvsup5.FreeBSD.org
> *default tag=.
> *default base=/usr/local/etc/cvsup
> *default prefix=/usr
> *default release=cvs delete use-rel-suffix compress
> ports-all tag=.
> #src-all (pending feedback)
> --
> Steve Rieger
Hi Steve,

Your supfile line that has " *default tag=. " is going to download source code 
for current when you uncomment the " #src-all " line. If you're intending to 
follow current, that's fine. But, if you're going for 4.10 or 5.2.1, then you 
need a different default tag line. Until you go through the makeworld 
sequence, it won't bite you, on second thought, it probably will. Below is 
the supfile that I use:
        *default tag=RELENG_5_2
        *default host=cvsup15.FreeBSD.org
        *default prefix=/usr
        *default base=/usr
        *default release=cvs
        *default delete use-rel-suffix
        ports-all tag=.

I would suggest using sysutils/fastest_cvsup. You can either do a pkg_add -r, 
or build it from the ports.

If you just installed FreeBSD, I would do a src-all to get all the latest 
patches, and after that to get new patches  Other than that, you're just 
using bandwidth. There are more changes going on in the ports, so you would 
be upgrading there the most. Be sure to read usr/src/UPGRADING and 


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