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On Mon, Jul 19, 2004 at 04:21:09AM -0700,
Darren Pilgrim probably wrote:

What do I need to us to accomplish the above?

man release.

Is there a way to skip the build portions of `make release` and just create
the distributions and ISOs with what's already built?

I typically use:

setenv CVSROOT foo
time make -DNOPORTS -DNODOC -DMAKE_ISOS release CHROOTDIR=/usr/release EXTSRCDIR=/usr/src > & /tmp/release.out

This presumes you've already done a buildworld in /usr/src; it will also use that version of the source code, rather than pulling everything down from the CVS server. Because of the way the release process uses a chroot environment, it's still going to have to re-build everything. So, it's quite a time-intensive operation no matter how many shortcuts you take.

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