Your question is really asked incorrectly. What you are really
asking about is what is the proper value to use in the rc.conf
hostname= statement.

Assigning a Host name to your FBSD system
Your FBSD operating system has internal software applications (like
sendmail for one) that needs to know the fully qualified domain name
of the PC it's running on. You do this by adding this option
statement hostname= to /etc/rc.conf.
This is the format to use.


Where thisPCname came be any name you want to identify this
particular pc on your LAN.

Where .fakeDOMAINname can be any name you want as long as it's not a
registered domain name on the public internet, unless of course it's
registered to you. Using FBSDyourlastname is a safe fake domain name
to use here. So if your name was Tom Jones, you should use

Where .tld can be any of the standard TLD's currently in use. Such
as .com or .usa or .info or .cc, but since .com is the most commonly
used TLD, I recommend using .com is a very acceptable fake host name to use.

ee /etc/rc.conf

and add this option statement to the file


Save the changed file and 'reboot' your system for your edit changes
to take effect.
When the reboot stops at the login prompt, the line displayed just
above it will now contain your host name you just added to rc.conf.

If you have a official registered domain name that you want to use
for your email sendmail server, then use that in the hostname=
statement. Example, if my registered domain name was
then hostname='' is what I would code.

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Subject: cannot understand name "peter.first.try"

This is probably a contender for the dumbest question
of the year.

When I defined my IP address in the freeBSD installation,
I had to give a name. All the examples use something
like the one I entered, i.e. peter.first.try, except they
often used a

Could someone point me to somewhere that
explains this name in terms a dullard can understand.


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