On Fri, Jul 23, 2004 at 04:31:54PM -0500, Ken wrote:
> Since the new php4 changes happened in ports, I have a problem using
> fsockopen() in my code. I'm getting:
> Warning: fsockopen(): no SSL support in this build
> A quick check with phpinfo() shows that ssl support is enabled in my 
> build via the extension. From what I've read, openssl needs to be 
> statically linked to php for there to be ssl support in fsockopen(). Can 
> anyone give me a clue as to how to do this with the new way that php is 
> now broken up in to php-extensions and such?

I added "--with-openssl=/usr/local" to the Makefile (in the ports tree),
under "CONFIGURE_ARGS". Not sure if that's the best/easiest/preferred
way but it worked for me to get rid of above complaint (in squirrelmail).

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