I've been struggling to find the best virtual server solution based on a
FreeBSD 5.2.1 system. I was hoping some members of the list could help me
take this decision. I have questions/thoughts regarding vmware/bsd jails:

- Vmware
     - Does it run 5.2.1 nicely ?
     - Does a Guest OS (FreeBSD) support multiple IPs?
     - Does vmware support Xeon CPUs? (not listen in their site)
     - Is a xual xeon 2.8ghz + 4GB ram enough to run, say, 40 virtual     
         machines using vmware?
     - Vmware *really* needs a X session to be working?

- Jails
     - Is there any patch working for multiple jail IPs under 5.2.1-p9 ?
     - What jail management tool do you use? I'm are of jailutils and
jailadmin. I'm using jailutils now mainly because of jps, altough I
could use jailadmin and create a quick jail ... ps link that would do
the same.    Plus, jailadmin uses a centralized configuration file
which is easier to     keep track of.
     - syslogd will die on the jail startup (using jstart), but if i run
it manually it will stay running; same for cron.
     - Outside mounts are visible inside jails, any way to change this
behaviour ?

Best Regards,



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