On Saturday, 24 July 2004 at 17:03:41 +1000, Chris Keladis wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering what Vinum configurations others are using and what is
> a good balance between performance/redundancy?
> I've gone with RAID10 (2 striped plexes with 3 subdisks each. The
> plexes are mirrored to each other).
> vinum.conf:
> drive a device /dev/da1s1e
> drive b device /dev/da2s1e
> drive c device /dev/da3s1e
> drive d device /dev/da4s1e
> drive e device /dev/da5s1e
> drive f device /dev/da6s1e
> volume raid10
>   plex org striped 512k
>         sd length 0 drive a
>         sd length 0 drive b
>         sd length 0 drive c
>   plex org striped 512k
>         sd length 0 drive d
>         sd length 0 drive e
>         sd length 0 drive f

Looks like a good configuration, assuming that the drives are all the
same size.

> I havent done any profiling but it "feels" a little slow to me.
> Thought i'd talk to others to see what their using and see if i
> should restructure my volume.

About the only comment is the power-of-two stripe size.  That will
slow things down on multiple inode operations, such as creating or
deleting a lot of files.

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