I have looked extensdively in the manual aespecially
around pages 200-210...

I have also read any old mailing lists, but i cant
finsd the problem that i have come accross.

I am trying to turn a p2 - 233 with 128mb RAM into a
FW / router . and need to run natd

I am running freeBSD 5.2.1

My incoming internet access is from wi0

can ping etc - DHCP - gives me IP etc etc

I have copied the GENERIC kernal to 'STUDIO'

and edited in options IPFIREWALL and options IPDIVERT

as needed for natd to run.

when i go to compile in the new way as per page 207

i :-

cd /usr/src
make buildkernel KERNCONF=STUDIO

- it then gives me the error that doesn't know

I have done these installs many times on similar
machines using the same procedure and never come
accross this.

Thanks in advance


(Love freeBSD!  - what is that 'L' word??  )

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