On Sat, 24 Jul 2004, Hakim Z. Singhji wrote:
> |
> | 10/100?  There are less Gigabit types that are supported, yet,
> | but then the reason for that should be pretty obvious.
> |
> | Anyway, you generally can't go wrong with 3Com.  That said,
> | I've never had trouble with 3Com, SiS, DEC/Intel, even RealTek
> | and the onboard VIA/Rhine stuff (drivers, respectively: xl, sis, dc,
> | rl, vr).
> |
> | That covers quite a few chipsets.  There are plenty more.  The
> | only problem I have answering your post is that I don't know what's
> | *not* supported.  Also, some users have reported issues with "watchdog
> | timeout" errors using 5.X FBSD and one of the drivers mentioned above.
> | You could probably spot which one on Google ...


Well, I personally prefer the Intel Etherexpress in 100MBit Scenarios.

You also could look at ebay, sometimes they show up in bundles of 5 or
so, and then are below those 30$ list price...

Or you could have a look at a Znyx or Adaptec or Intel dual/Quad card, I
also noticed some Adaptec quad ones on german ebay recently.

In Gigabit world, well, Intel or Broadcom (em or bge) cards are nice,
but given the scenario you have, they are overkill and quite costly
compared to some fxp or xl.

Do _not_ go for Realtek or Via, they impose a far heavier load on the
CPU than Intel or 3COM.


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