1.  I  am running  freeBSd ssd 5.2.1 on ~ntel
motherboard (D865GBL)  with a intel 3.2 GHZ
pentium 4  cpu (BX80546GP320).
Intel tells  me that the motherboard follows
Intel MP specification version 1.4.
The rerelease notes in HARDWARWE.TXT on
the installation  cdrom says the kernel
automatically detects hperthreading capability
and enables option smp.
When I logon, I  have  the  option of enabling
or disabling acpi.

There is no  way I can get the system to function
in a hyperthreading mode.  I can only operate
the computer by disabling hyperthreading on
the BIOS and by not enabling acpi when I logon.

This  seems paradoxical since the literature says
that freeBSD 5.2.1 supports hyperthreading,
since I have all the  appropriate hardware,
and since I am enabling the proper option
during logon.

Do you have a solution?

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