Matthew Seaman wrote:

Actually, php4-extensions works with any of the 'main' PHP ports --
lang/php4, lang/php4-cli, www/php4-cgi or www/mod_php4. The fact that
there are 4 different variations on a plain 'php4' port in the tree is
the reason why all of the module support was moved out into a separate
extensions port.

While this move to specifying all of the PHP modules as loadable
extensions makes a great deal of sense from one point of view -- ports
that use PHP can now explicitly list all of the extensions they
require to operate, rather than having to have their own private PHP
slave ports -- the implementation has run into a number of problems.

For php4 there are some extensions where the same functionality is not
available when used as a loadable module as when compiled in.  The
security/php4-openssl extension is a case in point: unless OpenSSL
support is compiled-in, the fsockopen() function won't let you open
'tls://' or 'ssl://' style URLs.  (As a practical result, that means
that eg. Squirrelmail can't communicate with a secure IMAP server on
port 993.  The only alternative in that case is to communicate to an
unencrypted IMAP server on port 143, which quite probably involves
sending passwords over the net in plaintext.)

Beyond that, not all of the PHP consuming ports have yet been updated
to depend on the appropriate PHP extensions, so installing those ports
de novo doesn't immediately get you a workable system.  A common
symptom of this is a run-time error where one of the perl compatible
regular expression (pcre_*()) functions doesn't work.  The answer
pretty much is just to install the required extension modules by hand,
and tweak the value of the 'extension_dir' directive in

I understand the logic but I would have thought a line somewhere in Makefile or the README just to give poor stupid people like me a clue as to where to start looking. Ons further question that has come from my compilation of the php4-extension is that once you have made your selection the first time these options seem to be saved somewhere (The build process states found previous configuration or similar) where is this? I missed an option in my hurry this morning and now can't get back to the menu options (No matter how many make cleans, pkg_deletes etc I do) to re-set or add the options.

Many thanks for being so helpful


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