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> I understand the logic but I would have thought a line somewhere in 
> Makefile or the README just to give poor stupid people like me a clue as 
> to where to start looking. Ons further question that has come from my 
> compilation of the php4-extension is that once you have made your 
> selection the first time these options seem to be saved somewhere (The 
> build process states found previous configuration or similar) where is 
> this? I missed an option in my hurry this morning and now can't get back 
> to the menu options (No matter how many make cleans, pkg_deletes etc I 
> do) to re-set or add the options.

the lang/php?-extensions ports just use the standard OPTIONS mechanism
that a large number of other ports use.

To modify a previously setup configuration, just do:

    # make reconfig

The configuration data is stored as a file /var/db/ports/{foo}/options
where {foo} is the LATEST_LINK name for the port -- ie the same name
as the package installed by the port, but with any version numbers
split off.  It can be different though.

In order to return any particular port to the pristene never
configured state, simply delete the appropriate {foo} directory from
/var/db/ports.  you can do that by:

    # make rmconfig

In order to prevent the options dialog ever coming up (eg. when you've
supplied your own settings via portupgrade's MAKE_ARGS array), add
BATCH=yes either in the environment or to the make argument list (the
MAKE_ARGS array is probably the handiest way of doing that).  All of
these things are discussed in the ports(7) man page.



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