Has anyone gotten an APC Back-UPS Pro1000 ups system working with FreeBSD (4.x / 
5.x), using the supplied cable: 940-0020B?

I've just attempted to install this on one of my systems, but can't seem to get this 
to do anything but (supposedly) start, with the corresonding message in 
/var/log/messages: apcupsd 3.10.13 (16 April 2004) freebsd startup succeeded.

The test (from the online manual) that suggests that pulling the serial cable from the 
back of either the server or ups unit will cause a message to be written to messages 
after two seconds fails - well, nothing gets written to messages, actually, waited 
about 10 minutes and still nothing.

What I'm really confused about is the fact that this ups is supposed to somewhat of 
the cleverer line, but given the serial cable's product code, apcupsd docs say that 
I'm not going to get much out of this unit. Using this same model under Solaris 9 and 
RH Linux / Fedora Core2 with the PowerChute software included, provides quite a lot of 
capability with this APC model, that I hoped would be available with apcupsd running 
under FreeBSD.

Is there a FreeBSD-ish specific howto somewhere that I can check out to see if I'm 
barking up the wrong tree here to begin with? Any pointers to any information would be 

Thanks for the time.


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