DK wrote:

Hi all,

I just installed FreeBSD v4.10.
All installed OK & I choose KDE as the Desktop

Problem: KDE v3 is reallly SLOW!!

Probably true.

- Takes 2 minutes to start/load !!

2 minutes --- After the system grabs the tty? How long from the power button until you have a desktop?

- Just opening a simple Console takes almost a minute !!

This might be KDE, might be other bad configuration.

- Resolution looks really grainy - as if its 256 colors - Don't know how to change 
this ???

Read the FreeBSD handbook (IIRC, Chapter 5 is the one ... whichever is "The X Window System"). It's a process that's not easily described in a short email such as this...

My System:
Pentium 200Mhz
16MB PCI Creative Graphics Blaster Riva TNT

I'm running GNOME2 on an AMD 475 for one of my workers. It suffers from similar issues ... quite slow in starting new apps, etc. GNOME's a big environment, with lots of stuff running in the background. So is KDE.

If I felt this worker could handle it, I'd give them something a tad
less weighty like black/fluxbox or fvwm.  I personally would not consider
ever running a new GNOME or KDE on a Pentium I...unless I had no
other choice.  And, if it were me, I'd probably still pick fluxbox instead
of trying to deal with modern, full blown environments on old hardware....

I have Windows 2000 installed on the Primary Boot partition & that runs very fast.
I thought that FreeBSD with KDE would run just as fast if not faster than Windows 2000 ???

That I find interesting. Have you tried booting the system to a regular CLI? There could easily be things holding up the boot process. Sendmail looking for a hostname is often one of them....

One thing I can tell you, adding RAM to FBSD does a lot more for
the system than it does for Windows, in my experience.  If you've
another chip, don't spare the horses....

If it helps, the only thing I can think of is whether the system loaded the correct 
Graphics Card
- BUT I don't know how to check this ?? - Cannot find a Display Properties like 
windows that lists
the Graphics Card ??

KDE, and any other wm/environment, runs on top of XFree86. XFree86 reads
from configuration files ... mine is /etc/X11/XF868Config. Like I said above, you
need to read up a bit before you get it going.

Any suggestions/help is greatly appreciated :))

BTW: I searched Google Groups & freebsd Digest before posting but not much help :(

Umm, yeah. You'd have to have a better idea what to look for, I guess. I know
when I was a newb, I didn't even install a GUI for like 2 years.....



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