> I just installed FreeBSD v4.10.
> All installed OK & I choose KDE as the Desktop
> Problem: KDE v3 is reallly SLOW!!
> - Takes 2 minutes to start/load !!
> - Just opening a simple Console takes almost a minute !!
> - Resolution looks really grainy - as if its 256 colors - Don't know how to change 
> this ???
> My System:
> Pentium 200Mhz
> 128MB RAM
> 16MB PCI Creative Graphics Blaster Riva TNT

yes KDE is really slow, quite like this on P200. the simplest solution is
not to use it at all (on faster machines too).

Unless all you need is fancy graphics KDE doesn't have anything really
useful. Use fvwm2 or icewm as window manager it's fast.

you may like to run few of KDE apps, but without KDE as a whole
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