I'm using FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE with two systems. Both have VIA chipsets - the older 
KT133A (my parents' home) and the "newer" KM266 (my home). For both of them I've 
compiled specific kernels, with ACPI support. KT133A works perfectly - no errors, 
warnings or anything of this kind. With KM266 there is a problem: fdc0 is NOT 
detected, for the kernel cannot reserve I/O ports. With ACPI disabled, on the other 
hand, USB subsytem reports various errors - restarting one or more ports, then giving 
up with controller configuration. The GENERIC kernel you provide works well when apm0 
is off (the ASROCK MB I use has only ACPI), but it has no ACPI support. What can I do 
(in order to have ACPI, fdc0 and USB working well)?

Thank you.

Vlad Tudorache,


Home, no matter how far...
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