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> I'm using FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE with two systems. Both have VIA
> chipsets - the older KT133A (my parents' home) and the "newer" KM266
> (my home). For both of them I've compiled specific kernels, with
> ACPI support. KT133A works perfectly - no errors, warnings or
> anything of this kind. With KM266 there is a problem: fdc0 is NOT
> detected, for the kernel cannot reserve I/O ports. With ACPI
> disabled, on the other hand, USB subsytem reports various errors -
> restarting one or more ports, then giving up with controller
> configuration. The GENERIC kernel you provide works well when apm0
> is off (the ASROCK MB I use has only ACPI), but it has no ACPI
> support. What can I do (in order to have ACPI, fdc0 and USB working
> well)?

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Other than waiting patiently, I don't think that there is actually a
good solution to this problem right now.  Turning on ACPI support
kills access to the floppy drive on quite a few motherboards and for
most available system versions.  

There was this thread on [EMAIL PROTECTED] quite recently, which
offers a glimmer of hope that a fix is on the horizon, but no
indication when, or indeed, if, anything will be MFC's to 4.x:




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