On Sun, Jul 25, 2004 at 06:41:08AM -0500, J.D. Bronson wrote:
> I reboot my machine at about 50% of the time..I see
> this in the logs:
> Mounting root from ufs:/dev/ad0s1a
> WARNING: / was not properly dismounted
> Is this a known issue?
> I dont know why its complaining...any pointers would be appreciated!

If you reboot your machine by typing 'reboot' you don't run the
various rc.d scripts to turn off any services you have running.  If a
process has an open file descriptor onto the root FS and doesn't play
ball with the usual sync and dismount procedure, it could have the
results you observe.

Try using the command:

    # shutdown -r now

to get a clean shutdown and reboot.



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