Ok, so I decided to use jails instead of vmware and try to live with the
limitations (only 1 ip address, etc..)..

Well, another jail limitation is the impossibility of setting user quotas
inside a jail UNLESS the jail has a filesystem on its own (at least this
is the most satisfatory answer I found after googling for some hours).
Great, so I have 2x80G + 1x200G hdds. I had a jail running on ad2, and I
wanted to create another jail on the same hdd.

To my surprise, sysinstall would complain about not being able to write
data to ad2. I had this problem before, so I couldn't believe the cause
was what I thought.. I unmounted the first jail and tried again.. this
time, I could create the new partition on ad2.


It is unthinkable to be umount'ing EVERY jail if I want to add one.
I need separate filesystems for jails if I want (I *need* to) user quotas
on jails
If I have separate filesystems, I can't create a new jail while the disk
is being used (ie other jails mount'ed).

Living with 1 ip? I could do it. Now, this is a major drawback.

I've been a FreeBSD user for a long time, so I'm hoping there is a
solution to this matter-- (bottom line: working user quotas INSIDE jails:
need either a way to have them w/ different partitions and be able to
create new jails with all other jails running, or need a way to use quotas
with only a big partition) I find it weird there exists this big
limitation on the jail system.

Any ideias are so very welcome



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