On Mon, 2004-07-26 at 01:04, Bill Moran wrote:

> I'm having some weird action from Apache.  It seems that every apache process
> binds to *:* twice, in addition to IP:80 and IP:443.  Has anyone seen this
> before?  This is Apache 1.3.28 (although an upgrade is on the schedule)  I
> had _wanted_ to test the new version of Apache in the jail prior to upgrading,
> but I'm not so sure that's going to work.
> Anyone seen this before?

Are you not confusing local addresses to foreign ? Each local address
will have a foreign address as far as I understand it. What is the
output of sockstat -4l ?

From sockstat(1)

LOCAL ADDRESS For Internet sockets, this is the address the local end
of the socket is bound to (see getsockname(2)).  For bound UNIX sockets,
it is the socket's filename.  For other UNIX sockets, it is a right
arrow followed by the endpoint's filename, or ``??'' if the endpoint
could not be
FOREIGN ADDRESS (Internet sockets only) The address the foreign end of
the socket is bound to (see getpeername(2)).

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