On 26/07/04 08:45 -0700, DK wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just installed FreeBSD v4.10
> I would like to install a basic FAST Windows 2000 like Window Manager that "ONLY" 
> has:
> - Basic FAST GUI
> - MS Notepad like Editor
> - MS Windows Explorer like File Manager
> I am setting this up as a test web server with Apache etc...
> I want very BASIC Windows like GUI with a GUI Text Editor(NOT VI, more like Notepad) 
> to edit
> configuration files etc AND a Windows Explorer like File Manager to move files 
> easily around &
> from the CD(ie. NOT command line stuff!)

Windows 2000 is not "Basic". If you run twm with xfm or something
similar you will be dissapointed when you compare it to w2k.

Fluxbox is a good, extremely lightwieght window manager. It's very
basic, as in no eye candy, but it's nice to older, less powerful
machines. For file managing, you might want to look at gentoo (no, not the Linux
dist.) file manager, tkdesk, or rox-filer.

> -----------------
> My System:
> Pentium 200Mhz
> 16MB PCI Creative Graphics Blaster Riva TNT
> 10 GIG HD
> -----------------
> I have Windows 2000 installed on the Primary Boot partition & that runs VERY fast
> (compared to FreeBSD + KDE or GNOME)

X11 can be a big hog sometimes. You will not get a window manager
(actually desktop environment) that looks and acts like windows (i.e.
KDE) to run quickly on this type of hardware. I have a PII 400Mhz with
196MB RAM running fluxbox that performs quite snappy. I wouldn't dare
put gnome or KDE on it though.

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