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I have followed all suggestions and responded with the output of my attemps. The problem remains unresolved. I have also requested that
if anyone has this working *properly* to respond but no one did.

Why not install /usr/ports/emulators/mtools/ and configure "O:" drive ("O" for Olympus) as /dev/da2s1 ?

Then one does not have to be root to insert or remove the card. Just access the card with mdir, mcopy, mdel, mcd, etc ... Yank the card out any time you are not using it and insert another just as one does with tar and tapes.

I'm thinking your issue is probably within mount_msdos. Mtools implement the DOS filesystem internally. Each M-command issued starts at the start of media, finds the directory and volume data, then goes to the appropriate file(s), completely from scratch each time. So there is no "mount". It does tend to remember current directory.

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