I am new to FREEBSD and am tring to set up a web server to replace my
redhat box. I installed 4.8 by selecting the Developer method and
everything installed without a hitch. I then upgraded the ports database
using cvsup, again, no problems. I then installed Apache v2 from a port,
no problems. It was while installing mod_php v5 that things got out of
wack. I started the install from a port around 6:00pm and it ran all
night. The next morning I was surprized to see that it was still working.
It was a Saturday so I left it alone to do its thing. Saturday evening it
was still working. It appeared to be stuck in a loop as it would work for
a while and then pause on the same line. By late saturday night, I decided
that something was broken and shut it down.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Lance Earl
DallyPost, Inc.
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