On Monday 26 July 2004 05:09 pm, Miguel Cardenas wrote:
> Hello...
> Anybody has installed OSS on FreeBSD 5.2.1? Am trying the system inside a
> VMWare machine and had troubles installing OSS... I did it once, but
> reinstalled the system and did not work again... it gets installed fine
> (OSS) but when running 'soundon' it says there was a problem...
> The OSS module is loaded in memory, but simply does not work...
> When installing the package it says the following error message:
> /dev/mixer0: No such file or directory
> What can I do? how can I create /dev/mixer? devices?
> Thanks!!

This should be automatically created by devfs.  I would make certain that the 
proper device entry is installed in your kernel config.  For my system, I 
need to add the following line to my kernel config file:

device          pcm

I hope this helps.

Eric F Crist
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