hello x11, questions,

i have some reservations about sending this in, because it sounds a bit
weird, but i've jumped through all the usual self-serve hoops and i'm about
at my wits end.

since switching to xorg, when i alt+tab to a window with my wm of choice
(fluxbox-devel), the 1st keypress is always dropped in the new window,
regardless of whether that window is a *term, mail client, browser, ...

say i alt+tab to an xterm.  for 'man' to appear on the command line, i must
type 'mman' or 'ccd' for 'cd'.

the window only drops that 1st key.  if i alt+tab away and come back, it
will again drop only the 1st key.

here is what i know:

1) it doesn't happen if i use the mouse.
2) this problem was not apparent when i tested for it with icewm or xfce4.
3) fluxbox used to play very nicely with xfree.

here is what i've tried:

1) google, fbsd and xorg mailing lists.
2) contacted the fluxbox developers over irc.  several are running xorg
and fluxbox on linux without the problems i'm seeing.    (?!)
3) rebuilt xorg then fluxbox-devel.  removed .fluxbox to ensure that the
default settings would load.
4) played with xorg.conf (used old xfree.conf, built a new xorg.conf,
and changed various settings withing xorg.conf)
5) attempted to pinpoint the issue via xev, but failed miserably.

it smells like some sort of 'focus' problem to me.  any suggestions would
be very much appreciated.

hoping that i'm not alone here.


p.s. a little additional info for any of you who know a bit about fluxbox
settings.  the problem seems only to occur with those keybindings
(like alt+tab) which are mapped to 'NextWindow' or 'NextWindow 1' but _not_
with 'NextTab'.  naturally, the same holds true for the shift+foo combos
which translate to 'Previous____'.
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