Karol Kwiatkowski wrote:
Joseph Peterson wrote:

Unfortunately that is not the solution to my problem, I've run
memtest86 on my laptop several times and found no problems... any
other thoughts? =)


Just a thought:

Have you build your world and / or kernel from source? If that's the
case double check processor-specific make options like CPUTYPE, CFLAGS,
COPTFLAGS, etc. (they can be used from command line and from /etc/make.conf)

Good luck!


I'm seeing the same problem on my dual Athlon box. The freezes are totally random AFAICT, sometimes when the machine is just idling.

I've not used any CPU-specific make options but may try setting some to see if it makes a difference. One thing though, I only have

cpu             I686_CPU

set, not I486_CPU and I586_CPU as well, maybe that could be a problem?

I'm running -CURRENT and the build I did on 8 April didn't have this problem but it started with the next build I did a couple of weeks ago. I've cvsup'd and rebuilt a couple of times since, the last on 25 July, but the problem persists.



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