Chris wrote:

When I get my nightly email from the "security run output" it normally has about the 
last 20 lines or less from the /var/log/messages. Is there a way to increase that to about the 
last 50 lines?


Hmm, I don't think that it's necessarily true that /etc/periodic is sending you the last 20 or so lines ... it's only sending "kernel" notifications, which in the case of most setups of syslog.conf, are *also* logged to /var/log/messages, hence some confusion here.

So, one good question in return would be, "are you sure that
you're not seeing all you want in your periodic output?"  You
can take a look at the manpages and source for periodic(8)
and friends to learn a little more...

I'm in no way an expert --- it could be possible that an expert
could modify the script to do what you want; but
in your case, I'd think that you could create a small script to
do what you want and run it nightly from your personal crontab.
Something like what's below.


Kevin Kinsey
# --- mail yesterday's /var/log/messages output to root...

yday=`date -v -1d "+%b %d"`
grep "$yday" /var/log/messages | mail -s "Contents of /var/log/messages" root _______________________________________________
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