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Olaf Hoyer wrote:
| On Sat, 24 Jul 2004, Hakim Z. Singhji wrote:
|>| 10/100?  There are less Gigabit types that are supported, yet,
|>| but then the reason for that should be pretty obvious.
|>| Anyway, you generally can't go wrong with 3Com.  That said,
|>| I've never had trouble with 3Com, SiS, DEC/Intel, even RealTek
|>| and the onboard VIA/Rhine stuff (drivers, respectively: xl, sis, dc,
|>| rl, vr).
|>| That covers quite a few chipsets.  There are plenty more.  The
|>| only problem I have answering your post is that I don't know what's
|>| *not* supported.  Also, some users have reported issues with "watchdog
|>| timeout" errors using 5.X FBSD and one of the drivers mentioned above.
|>| You could probably spot which one on Google ...
| Hi!
| Well, I personally prefer the Intel Etherexpress in 100MBit Scenarios.
| (fxp)
| You also could look at ebay, sometimes they show up in bundles of 5 or
| so, and then are below those 30$ list price...
| Or you could have a look at a Znyx or Adaptec or Intel dual/Quad card, I
| also noticed some Adaptec quad ones on german ebay recently.
| In Gigabit world, well, Intel or Broadcom (em or bge) cards are nice,
| but given the scenario you have, they are overkill and quite costly
| compared to some fxp or xl.
| Do _not_ go for Realtek or Via, they impose a far heavier load on the
| CPU than Intel or 3COM.
| Olaf
Hi Olaf,

Thanks alot for your help, I found a pretty good deal on a pair 3COM
Xl's $10 each...pretty good huh.  Hey maybe I could use you as a
resource if I have any questions about setting up the Gateway/Router.
Thanks again.


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