Hi Jay,

I am quite confused about this diablo
jre install.

I just tried installing diablo jre 13 
from the ports collection, but it tells
me to get the file manually from 
freebsdfoundation.  The file it wants
me to download is

I had already put a downloaded file into
the /usr/ports/distfile directory, but its
name was

These files seem to have the same version
number, but i dont know how to use the one
I have.

Could I ask you - how did you install the
diablo-jre- that you downloaded.
I mean, what command or whatever did you use ?

The same question applies to the OpenOffice 1.1.2
install you did after that.

These things dont seem to be in the ports 
collection, and I dont know if they are 
considered "packages" or something different.

Thanks for your patience - I am still struggling
to come to grips with this environment.
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