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> Subject: can I use "Make" from within KDE Shell Konsole
> It is safe to install ports from
> within KDE ?
> At present I shut down KDE, go to
> the command line and start a Make.
> If I need to get a file manually
> from somewhere, I go back into KDE
> to get it.
> I would rather do it all from
> within KDE if possible.  The Shell
> Konsole appears to be the same as
> the command line thing I have
> been using.
> Thanks
> Peter

Unless you're updating the KDE ports themselves, you should be fine.  On
occaision, I've updated those, and I'm fine.  The new versions run when
I restart KDE.  Once in a great while, you'll run into library conflicts
(when you run a GUI exec within the same session), that clears once
you've restarted KDE.  All in all, it's a safe bet.  I've had little
problems, and don't think you'll run into any problems.

Running an xterm bascially creates another vterm with the same login as
your current KDE session.  You have all the same rights.  By the same
token, if you 'su' to root, and run the command for an executable for a
GUI exec, that program will run within your current X session (probably
unpriveleged) with root permissions.  I often do this with cvsup-gui,
ethereal, nessus, and nmap-fe.

Hope this helps.

Eric F Crist

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