Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. wrote:

Stanley Wright wrote:

I'm having a problem setting up Samba(Ver 2.2.7a) on FreeBSD. Ive already set Samba up on RedHAt and Mandrake with no issues.

I can see the icon for the FreeBSD share under Network Neighborhood but when it is clicked I get the message:

The computer or sharename could not be found. On the FreeBSD box if I run for example \\\\smbclient\\homes it prompts for a password and I connect getting the smb: \> prompt.

Also, I can map a network drive thru windows explorer and this works fine as well as testparm.

The following is the global section of my smb.conf file:
  hosts allow = 169.254.
  workgroup = FREEBSD
  printing = bsd
  printcap name = /etc/printcap
  encrypt passwords = yes
  load printers = yes
  guest account = pcguest
  remote announce =
  security = share

Any idea where I'm going wrong ??


Really, I don't. Just a wild shot in the dark: Name resolution? Seems in my experience Winboxen are occasionally bad about not looking too hard to find a host...

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

Interesting smb.conf file you have there, it raises two questions.
Firstly, are you using a DHCP server on this network somewhere?
It is naughty to use 169.254 for multihost LAN's, so are you using the default private address of on one or more of your network nodes?

I could say in advance though that if you are, you need to change that. I suggest Plenty of sites have info about it.

Unless you have some use for these lines, I suggest you remove them from your smb.conf:

guest account = pcguest // if this is genuinely the user you setup to be guest then include it - otherwise this user should be 'nobody'
remote announce = // This causes samba to make announcements to the class B private address space (the address an interface gets in windows when it can not find a DHCP server. Its just not cool to use these addresses on a LAN, although they may work to some extent, Windows machines particularly don't like them.

security = share // This should be set to 'user' unless you specifically know what it does and want it to do something else. Removing it makes it run in 'user' by default.
hosts allow = 169.254. // This should be the cause of your overall problem. Remove this, unless the SAMBA machine is directly connected to the internet, in which case you may want to limit access to addresses from your local net


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