Hello Matthew,

Thanks for your email. This looks like a good lead for what I need to do.
Just one more question. Is there a user level bridge package on FreeBSD ?


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This is maybe the wrong list for this question but anyway...

No -- this is the right list for questions.

For a proof of concept I need to setup a gateway to divert certain kind
of ip traffic to a special program who do some counting and
modification on these packets and then re-inject them back. This has to
be a gateway and not a router.

Yes, that's doable. It sounds very much like transparent proxying. So long as you can select the traffic you want to process solely by examining the IP headers it should be easy. Of course, the process you feed the selected packets to can do whatever it wants with them and can be programmed to decode packet payloads as required.

Does someone know if there is a package un the FreeBSD ports who can
help me do that? Can I do that using ipfw and in that case can someone
send me a pointer to some docs or examples ?

What you want to do sounds very much like transparent proxying. That can be implemented fairly simply under FreeBSD using, for example ipfw(8)'s 'fwd' mechanism.

There's a nics discussion in the Squid FAQ which you should be able to
mine for clues:




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