DK wrote:

Hi all,

I just wanted to know if there is available anywhere a Complete "Package" that is 
Ready to
Go for a FreeBSD Server imlementation that contains:


... & before anyone flames, yes I know you can just d/l the ports & compile from 

... Thats not what I am looking for. Tried that & found it was too much messing around
(compared to the equivalent on Windows 2000)

Any suggestions/help is greatly appreciated :)) BTW: thanks to all who replied to my previous questions :))

Regards, DK


I don't think there exists such a package, but why don't make your own
meta-port that depends on any package you want to install? In the same
way the port x11/xorg doesn't install any files by itself, it depends on
all packages that are needed to get a useable xorg configuration, the
port you make will depend on anything you want! If you think that the
configuration is really useful, commit the port, so that others in your
present situation may take advantage of it.

1. Make a port, (misc/yourport), depending on Apache, MySQL, Mod_SSL,
Mod_Perl, etc...
2. To install from package, run portinstall -P misc/yourport (this will
build from source whenever a precompiled package doesn't exist).

To learn how to make a port, read the Porter's Handbook at the FreeBSD
website (I don't know how to make one, as I've never tried. It just
struck me as being a good idea).

Hope this helps!
-Henrik W Lund

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