Sorry if this sound stupid, but i canīt understand yet how FBSD work
modules. The Handbook is not so clear about what you must compile
statically in
kernel (like so difference between make and buildkernel procedures), i
that if you donīt use a feature every time it will be a module (right?),
but iīm a
little disapointed because i must load in loader.conf and they stay
there all the time
or else i canīt find the device on /dev (like fdc.ko), i thought to
unload all unused with
 kldunload but it must be done one by one.
    I have many others questions bsd-related  like that but maybe this
is not the right place, the
FAQs are not enough to learn system and others hacker-like are so
difficult! Where can I find
a median list to ask commons operational questions?
    I wonder with FBSD, itīs not so easy like linux but is very much
better (my opinion) :-)

Thanks very much,


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