On Wed, 28 Jul 2004 13:20:24 +0200 (CEST)
Svein Halvor Halvorsen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Font in Linux applications no longer render as they should. Both
> antialiasing and hinting is off. This applies to Acrobat Reader,
> Mathematica, Maple and Opera (ie. all my Linux applications)
> I have symlinks to /usr/X11R6/etc/fonts/* in /usr/compat/linux/etc/fonts
> This used to work, but I don't know what has changed since then, since I
> did a lot of portupgrades in time between this was last known to work,
> and when it recently stopped working.

i noticed the same thing happen to my setup, after upgrading to xorg.  in
my case acroread works.  unfortunately, i don't run mathematica or maple. 
however, for linux-opera, try adding the following settings in

[User Prefs]        <<----  under this section
Enable Core X Fonts=0
Enable Xft Fonts=1
Trust Qt FontSwitching=0

though i find that many pages in opera don't look quite as sharp as before,
this should make your opera fonts look acceptable.   from within opera,
you can also tinker with alt+p > fonts in order to better align the output
to your tastes.

hopefully someone will suggest a more general (ie. system-wide) fix for
your issue.  in the meantime, i would suggest taking a gander at
your/var/log/Xorg.0.log for any error and warning messages.



> Any help would be greatly appricated.
> -- 
> Svein Halvor
> Here is a list of my ports:
> Hermes-1.3.2        Fast pixel formats conversion library
> ImageMagick- Image processing tools
> Mesa-3.4.2_2        A graphics library similar to SGI's OpenGL
> ORBit-0.5.17_2      High-performance CORBA ORB with support for the C
> language ORBit2-2.10.3       High-performance CORBA ORB with support for
> the C language Xaw3d-1.5           A 3-D Athena Widget set that looks
> like Motif aalib-1.4.r5_1      An ascii art library
> acpicatools-20021118.0 Some utilities for Intel ACPICA (Debugger, ASL
> Compiler and acroread-5.08       View, distribute and print PDF documents
> arts-1.1.4_2,1      Audio system for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
> aspell-0.50.5_3     Spelling checker with better suggestion logic than
> ispell atk-1.6.1           A GNOME accessibility toolkit (ATK)
> autoconf-2.53_1     Automatically configure source code on many Un*x
> platforms autoconf213-2.13.000227_5 Automatically configure source code
> on many Un*x platforms automake-1.5,1      GNU Standards-compliant
> Makefile generator automake14-1.4.5_9  GNU Standards-compliant Makefile
> generator (legacy version avifile-0.7.38_3,2  AVI player/converter with
> numerous codecs, including MPEG-4 bash-2.05b.007      The GNU Bourne
> Again Shell bbpager-0.3.1       A pager for the Blackbox window manager
> bison-1.75_2        A parser generator from FSF, (mostly) compatible with
> Yacc bitstream-vera-1.10 Bitstream Vera TrueType font collection
> boxtools-0.65.0     Style tools for the blackbox family of window
> managers bsd-airtools-0.3    BSD Wireless Scanning Tools
> cdparanoia-3.9.8_7  A CDDA extraction tool (also known as ripper)
> cdrtools-2.0.3_1    Cdrecord and several other programs to record CD-R[W]
> compat3x-i386-5.0.20020925 A convenience package to install the compat3x
> libraries coreutils-5.0_1     The Free Software Foundation's core
> utilities ctorrent-1.3.2      BitTorrent Client written in C for FreeBSD
> and Linux cups-base-  The Common UNIX Printing System: headers,
> libs, & daemons cups-pstoraster-7.07_1 GNU Postscript interpreter for
> CUPS printing to non-PS prin curl-7.11.0         Non-interactive tool to
> get files from FTP, GOPHER, HTTP(S) cvsup-16.1h         General network
> file distribution system optimized for CVS db4-4.0.14_1,1      The
> Berkeley DB package, revision 4 db41-4.1.25_1       The Berkeley DB
> package, revision 4.1 dbh-1.0.18          Disk Based Hashtables
> dict-1.9.11         Dictionary Server Protocol (RFC2229) client
> djbfft-0.76         An extremely fast library for floating-point
> convolution docbook-sk-4.1.2_3  XML version of the DocBook DTD version
> controlled for Scrol docbook-xml-4.2_1   XML version of the DocBook DTD
> docbook-xsl-1.65.1  XSL DocBook stylesheets
> dri-4.3.0,1         OpenGL hardware acceleration drivers for XFree86
> dv2jpg-1.1_3        Convert Type-2 DV codec-encoded AVI streams to
> mjpeg-encode dvts-1.0a_3         A imprementation of Digital Video
> Transport System emacs-21.3          GNU editing macros
> esound-0.2.34       A sound library for enlightenment package
> expat-1.95.7        XML 1.0 parser written in C
> ezm3-1.1            Easier, more portable Modula-3 distribution for
> building CV fam-2.6.9_4         A file alteration monitor
> ffmpeg-0.4.5_7      Hyper fast realtime audio/video encoder/converter,
> streamin fftw-2.1.5_2        Fast C routines to compute the Discrete
> Fourier Transform findutils-4.1_2     The GNU find utilities
> flac-1.1.0_3        Free lossless audio codec
> flashplayer-0.4.10_1 GPL standalone Flash (TM) player
> fontconfig-2.2.2,1  An XML-based font configuration API for X Windows
> freebsd-games-5.1.1_4 FreeBSD-modified "Standard" BSD games
> freetype2-2.1.7_3   A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine
> gaim-0.80           Multi-protocol instant messaging client
> gcc-3.3.4_20040616  GNU Compiler Collection 3.3
> gd-2.0.15_1,1       A graphics library for fast creation of images
> gdbm-1.8.3_1        The GNU database manager
> gdk-pixbuf-0.22.0_1 A graphic library for GTK+
> gettext-0.13.1_1    GNU gettext package
> ghostscript-gnu-7.07_5 GNU Postscript interpreter
> ghostview-1.5       An X11 front-end for ghostscript, the GNU postscript
> previe gimp-2.0.2,1        A GNU Image Manipulation Program
> gimp-print-4.2.7    GIMP Print Printer Driver
> gkrellm-2.2.1       A GTK based system monitor
> gle-3.0.3           A GL Tubing and Extrusion Library
> glib-1.2.10_10      Some useful routines of C programming (previous
> stable vers glib-2.4.2          Some useful routines of C programming
> (current stable versi gmake-3.80_2        GNU version of 'make' utility
> gnomehier-1.0_17    A utility port that creates the GNOME directory tree
> gnupg-1.2.4_1       The GNU Privacy Guard
> gnutls-1.0.13       GNU Transport Layer Security library
> grepmail-4.80       Search mailboxes for a given regexp and display
> matching em gtk-1.2.10_11       Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI (previous stable
> version) gtk-2.4.3_1         Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI (current stable
> version) gtk-engines2-2.2.0_3 Theme engine for the gtk+-2.0 toolkit
> gtk-xfce-engine-2.1.10 An XFCE engine for GTK 2.0
> gtkglarea-1.99.0_4  An OpenGL widget for the GTK+2 GUI toolkit
> gtkspell2-2.0.5_1   A GTK+ 2 spell checking component
> guile-1.6.4_1       GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extension
> hdf-4.1r5           Hierarchical Data Format library (from NCSA)
> help2man-1.29       Automatically generating simple manual pages from
> program o hicolor-icon-theme-0.5 A high-color icon theme shell from the
> FreeDesktop project iconv-2.0_3         Charset conversion library and
> utilities id3lib-3.8.3        Library for manipulating ID3v1/v1.1 and
> ID3v2 tags id3tool-1.2         A utility for manipulating mp3 ID3 Tags
> id3v2-0.1.9_2       Command line id3v2 tag editor
> imake-6.7.0_2       Imake and other utilities from X.Org
> imlib-1.9.14_2      A graphic library for enlightenment package
> imlib2-1.1.0        The next generation graphic library for enlightenment
> packa intltool-0.30_1     Xml internationalization support for GNOME, and
> others ispell-3.2.06_4     An interactive spelling checker for multiple
> languages jasper-1.700.5      An implementation of the codec specified in
> the JPEG-2000 s javavmwrapper-1.4   Wrapper script for various Java
> Virtual Machines jbigkit-1.5         Lossless compression for bi-level
> images such as scanned pa jhead-2.0           Exif Jpeg camera setting
> parser and thumbnail remover jpeg-6b_3           IJG's jpeg compression
> utilities lame-3.93.1         ISO code based fast MP3 encoder kit
> lapack-3.0          A library of Fortran 77 subroutines for linear
> algebra lcms-1.09,1         Light Color Management System -- a color
> management library libIDL-0.8.3_2      A library for creating trees of
> CORBA Interface Definition libXft-2.1.6        A client-sided font API
> for X applications liba52-0.7.4_1      A free library for decoding ATSC
> A/52 streams, aka AC-3 libao-esound-0.8.4_1 Portable audio output library
> libart_lgpl2-2.3.16 Library for high-performance 2D graphics
> libaudiofile-0.2.6  A sound library for SGI audio file
> libcroco-0.5.1      CSS2 parsing library
> libdv-0.101_1       Quasar DV codec (libdv): software codec for DV video
> encodi libdvdcss-1.2.8_1   Portable abstraction library for DVD
> decryption libdvdread-0.9.4    This is needed by ogle, which is a DVD
> player that supports libexif-0.5.12_2    Library to read digital camera
> file meta-data libflash-0.4.10     GPL Flash (TM) Library
> libfpx-      Library routines for working with Flashpix images
> libgcrypt-1.2.0_1   "General purpose crypto library based on code used in
> GnuPG libglade2-2.4.0     GNOME glade library
> libgnomecanvas- A graphics library for GNOME
> libgnugetopt-1.2    GNU getopt library
> libgpg-error-0.7_1  Common error values for all GnuPG components
> libgsf-1.10.0       An extensible i/o abstraction for dealing with
> structured f libiconv-1.9.1_3    A character set conversion library
> libid3tag-0.15.0b_1 ID3 tags library (part of MAD project)
> libijs-0.35         C library that supports plugin printer driver for
> Ghostscri libltdl-1.5.2       System independent dlopen wrapper
> libmad-0.15.0b      Libmad library (part of MAD project)
> libmikmod-3.1.10    MikMod Sound Library
> libmng-1.0.5        Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) reference
> library libmpeg2-0.3.1_1    A free library for decoding mpeg-2 and mpeg-1
> video streams libogg-1.1,3        Ogg bitstream library
> librsvg2-2.6.5_1    Library for parsing and rendering SVG vector-graphic
> files libslang-1.4.9      Routines for rapid alpha-numeric terminal
> applications deve libtasn1-0.2.7      ASN.1 structure parser library
> libtool-1.3.5_1     Generic shared library support script
> libtool-1.5.6_1     Generic shared library support script (version 1.5)
> libungif-4.1.0b1    Tools and library routines for working with GIF
> images libvorbis-1.0.1,3   Audio compression codec library
> libwmf-      Tools and library for converting Microsoft WMF
> (windows met libxfce4gui-4.0.6   XFce 4 widget library required by xfce4
> and xfwm4 libxfce4mcs-4.0.6   XFce 4 settings management library used by
> most XFce 4 modu libxfce4util-4.0.6  XFce 4 library with non-graphical
> helper functions libxml-1.8.17_1     Xml parser library for GNOME
> libxml2-2.6.9       Xml parser library for GNOME
> linc-1.0.3_2        A library for writing networked servers & clients
> linux-XFree86-libs-4.3.0_2 XFree86 libraries, Linux/i386 binary
> linux-aspell- Spelling checker with better logic than ispell
> (linux versi linux-expat-1.95.5_1 Linux/i386 binary port of Expat
> XML-parsing library linux-flashplugin-6.0r79_1 The official Macromedia
> Flash Player for Linux Mozilla and linux-fontconfig-2.1_1 Linux/i386
> binary of Fontconfig linux-openmotif-2.1.30_1 Motif toolkit Linux
> libraries linux-opera-7.53.20040716 A blazingly fast, full-featured,
> standards-compliant browse linux_base-8-8.0_4  Base set of packages
> needed in Linux mode (only for i386) linuxpluginwrapper-20040310_2 A
> wrapper allowing use of linux-plugins with native applica lsof-4.71.3    
>     Lists information about open files (similar to fstat(1))
> lynx-       A non-graphical, text-based World-Wide Web client
> m4-1.4_1            GNU m4
> mad-0.15.0b         The "meta-port" for the MAD sound playback system
> madplay-esound-0.15.0b_2 Madplay MP3 player (part of MAD project)
> mjpegtools-1.6.1_2  Set of tools to record/playback/edit videos in MPEG
> format mkcatalog-1.1       A maintainance utility for sgml catalog files
> most-4.9.4          A pager (like less) which has support for windows and
> binar mp3_check-1.98_1    Verifies the integrity of mp3 audio files
> mp3asm-    MP3 frame level editor
> mp3check-1.5        A tool for checking and fixing mp3 archive
> inconsistencies mp3ck-0.02          A consistency check utility for MPEG
> Layer 2 or 3 files or mp3splt-2.0_1       Utility to split mp3 and ogg
> files (via CUE sheets) mpg123-esound-0.59r_9 Command-line player for mpeg
> layer 1, 2 and 3 audio mplayer-fonts-0.50  A font pack for the mplayer
> OSD and SUB mplayer-gtk-esound-0.92.0_5 High performance media
> player/encoder supporting many forma mysql-client-3.23.58_2 Multithreaded
> SQL database (client) nas-1.6             Network Audio System
> nasm-0.98.35,1      General-purpose multi-platform x86 assembler
> nmap-3.50           Port scanning utility for large networks
> nspr-4.4.1_1        A platform-neutral API for system level and libc like
> funct nss-3.9_1           Libraries to support development of
> security-enabled applic open-motif-2.2.2_2  Motif X11 Toolkit (industry
> standard GUI (IEEE 1295)) opencdk-0.5.4_1,1   Open Crypto Development Kit
> openldap-client-2.1.26 Open source LDAP client implementation
> openoffice-1.1.1    Integrated
> wordprocessor/dbase/spreadheet/drawing/chart/bro openssl-0.9.7d      SSL
> and crypto library opera-7.53.20040716 A blazingly fast, full-featured,
> standards-compliant browse p5-TimeDate-1.16,1  Perl5 module containing a
> better/faster date parser for abs p5-XML-Parser-2.34_1 Perl extension
> interface to James Clark's XML parser, expat pango-1.4.0_1       An
> open-source framework for the layout and rendering of i1 pcre-4.5        
>    Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library
> pdftk-0.94          A simple tool for doing everyday things with PDF
> documents perl-5.6.1_15       Practical Extraction and Report Language
> perl-5.8.4          Practical Extraction and Report Language
> php5-cli-5.0.0.r2   PHP Command Line Interpreter
> pico-4.58           PIne's message COmposition editor
> pkgconfig-0.15.0_1  A utility used to retrieve information about
> installed libr pkill-0.2           NetBSD's pgrep and pkill: find or
> signal processes matching png-1.2.5_5         Library for manipulating
> PNG images popt-1.7            A getopt(3) like library with a number of
> enhancements, fro pornview-0.2.0.p.1_4 PornView is an image
> viewer/manager portupgrade-20040113_2 FreeBSD ports/packages
> administration and management tool s py22-expat-2.2.2_2  Python interface
> to the Expat XML parser python-2.3.4        An interpreted
> object-oriented programming language qmake-3.2.3_1       The build
> utility of the Qt project qt-3.3.1_1          Multiplatform C++
> application framework rar-3.30,1          File archiver (binary port)
> rpm-3.0.6_9         The Red Hat Package Manager
> ruby- An object-oriented interpreted scripting language
> ruby-bdb1-0.2.1     Ruby interface to Berkeley DB revision 1.8x with full
> featu ruby-shim-ruby18-1.8.1.p3 A set of Ruby modules to provide Ruby 1.8
> functionalities samba-2.2.8a_1      A free SMB and CIFS client and server
> for UNIX samba-libsmbclient-3.0.4_1 The shared lib from the samba
> packages scr2png-1.1_4       Converts the output of "vidcontrol -p" to
> PNG scr2txt-1.1         Converts the output of "vidcontrol -p" to text
> sdl-1.2.7_1,1       Cross-platform multi-media development API (developm.
> vers. sdocbook-xml- "Simplified" DocBook XML DTD
> shared-mime-info-0.14_3 A MIME type database from the FreeDesktop project
> shntool-1.2.3_1     Multi-purpose .wav/.shn processing utility
> shorten-3.5.1       Fast and optionally lossless compression for waveform
> files sox-12.17.3_1       SOund eXchange - universal sound sample
> translator speex-1.0.3_1,1     An open-source patent-free voice codec
> startup-notification-0.7 Library that supports startup notification spec
> from freede svgalib-1.4.3_2     A low level console graphics library
> tcl-8.3.5_2         Tool Command Language
> tcl-8.4.5,1         Tool Command Language
> tcllib-1.4          A collection of utility modules for Tcl
> thunderbird-0.7     Mozilla Thunderbird is standalone mail and news that
> stands tiff-3.6.1_1        Tools and library routines for working with
> TIFF images tightvnc-1.2.8      Enhanced version of VNC
> tk-8.3.5_2          Graphical toolkit for TCL
> tk-8.4.5,1          Graphical toolkit for TCL
> transcode-0.6.12    A text-console utility for video stream processing
> ttmkfdir-20021109   Create fonts.scale file for use with TrueType font
> server unixODBC-2.2.7_1    ODBC library suite for Unix
> unrar-3.30_1,3      Extract, view & test RAR archives
> unzip-5.50          List, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP
> archive urwfonts-1.0        Another font package for X
> vorbis-tools-1.0.1_1,3 Play, encode, and manage Ogg Vorbis files
> vorbisgain-0.34_1   Calculates the perceived sound level of an Ogg Vorbis
> file vpnc-0.2_8          Client for Cisco 3000 VPN Concentrator
> webfonts-0.21_1     TrueType core fonts for the Web
> wget-1.8.2_6        Retrieve files from the Net via HTTP and FTP
> win32-codecs-2.0.90_1,1 Huge compilation of Win32 binary codecs,
> including MPEG-4(D windowmaker-0.80.2_3 GNUStep-compliant NeXTStep window
> manager clone wine-20040408       Microsoft Windows compatibility layer
> for Unix-like systems wmicons-1.0         Icons mainly for use in Window
> Maker wrapper-1.0_3       Wrapper for XFree86-4 server
> xcdroast-0.98.a.15_1 Another X11 frontend to mkisofs/cdrecord
> xfce-4.0.6          The "meta-port" for the XFce 4 desktop environment
> xfce4-battery-plugin-0.2.0_2 Battery monitor panel plugin for XFce4
> xfce4-desktop-4.0.6 XFce 4 desktop background manager and root menu
> xfce4-fm-4.0.6      XFce 4 file manager
> xfce4-fm-icons-4.0.6 XFce 4 icon themes for the xffm file manager
> xfce4-iconbox-4.0.6 XFce 4 icon box, an alternative taskbar
> xfce4-mcs-manager-4.0.6 XFce 4 settings manager
> xfce4-mcs-plugins-4.0.6 XFce 4 settings manager plugins
> xfce4-mixer-4.0.6   XFce 4 volume mixer module for xfce4-panel
> xfce4-panel-4.0.6   XFce 4 panel module
> xfce4-panel-themes-4.0.6 Icon themes for the XFce 4 panel
> xfce4-print-4.0.6   XFce 4 graphical frontend for printing
> xfce4-systray-4.0.6 XFce 4 system tray module for xfce4-panel
> xfce4-toys-4.0.6    Toys for the XFce 4 panel
> xfce4-utils-4.0.6   XFce 4 essential utilities and scripts
> xfce4-wm-4.0.6      XFce 4 window manager
> xfce4-wm-themes-4.0.6 XFce 4 window decoration themes for xfwm4
> xmlcatmgr-2.1       SGML and XML catalog manager
> xmms-1.2.10         X Multimedia System --- An audio player with a Winamp
> GUI xmms-flac-1.1.0_1   XMMS input plugin for playing FLAC files
> xmms-shn-2.2.8_1    XMMS plugin to allow playing shorten-compressed audio
> xmms-speex-0.9.1_1  XMMS input plugin to play speex files
> xmms-status-plugin-1.0_1 XMMS control applet for GNOME 2 panel / KDE tray
> xorg-6.7.0          X.Org distribution metaport
> xorg-clients-6.7.0_1 X client programs and related files from X.Org
> xorg-fonts-100dpi-6.7.0 X.Org 100dpi bitmap fonts
> xorg-fonts-75dpi-6.7.0 X.Org 75dpi bitmap fonts
> xorg-fonts-cyrillic-6.7.0 X.Org Cyrillic bitmap fonts
> xorg-fonts-encodings-6.7.0 X.Org font encoding files
> xorg-fonts-miscbitmaps-6.7.0 X.Org miscellaneous bitmap fonts
> xorg-fonts-truetype-6.7.0 X.Org TrueType fonts
> xorg-fonts-type1-6.7.0 X.Org Type1 fonts
> xorg-fontserver-6.7.0 X font server from X.Org
> xorg-libraries-6.7.0_1 X11 libraries and headers from X.Org
> xorg-nestserver-6.7.0 Nesting X server from X.Org
> xorg-printserver-6.7.0 X Print server from X.Org
> xorg-server-6.7.0_5 X.Org X server and related programs
> xorg-vfbserver-6.7.0 X virtual framebuffer server from X.Org
> xscreensaver-4.16   Save your screen while you entertain your cat
> xv-3.10a_3          An X11 program that displays images of various
> formats xvid-0.9.2,1        An opensource MPEG-4 codec, based on OpenDivx
> zip-2.3_1           Create/update ZIP files compatible with pkzip
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