On Wednesday 28 July 2004 15:53, Steve Bertrand wrote:
> >> I figured so...what happens if you add 'keep-state' to rules 20000,
> >> 20002
> >> and 20003?
> >
> > Nothing.
> > BTW, here we have the problem: The initial SYN packet isn't matched by
> > rule
> > 11700 (setup keep-state). Setup means the SYN flag is set, right?
> AFAIK, setup means the SYN bit MUST be set. Try these rules:
> > add 01900 deny log tcp from any to any in established
> add 2000 allow log all from any to any in via rl1 keep-state
> add 2002 allow log all from any to any out via rl0 keep-state
> > So why
> > is
> > it not matched? If I remove the "setup" keyword to match all outgoing
> > packets, the SYN/ACK from the server is still denied by rule 01900.
> I'll go over the ruleset again here and see if I can find a misplaced
> 'out' or 'in'.

Now it is getting funny. I played around with the ruleset, adding and removing 
count log rules. Suddenly it worked. I removed all extra count log rules, and 
compared the resulting ruleset file with the backup I made before. Nothing 
changed! Was that a bug?

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