Hi All,

Many of you have seen my posts lately, I'm a noobie to FreeBSD.  I'm trying to 
configure a home "Windows Free" home network complete with default gateway, LAN, 
Wireless 802.11b and several flavors of Linux/BSD.

Its a pretty big project for me and is teaching me ALOT.  However I have a test setup 
and I'm am not able to ping my local machine.  I can only ping my gateway.  My local 
machine is enabled to receive FTP, PING and SSH. In addition the firewall on my 
default gateway is also configured to operate those services.

I don't know where I''ve gone wrong, my default gateway works fine however...I cannot 
find my network from the outside.  What is the problem???  Thanks in advance for all 
your help.


Hakim Z. Singhji
Coordinating Mgr. / Infection Control

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