On Wed, Jul 28, 2004 at 06:58:06PM -0500, Andrea Venturoli wrote:

> I wrapped up a small port and submitted it with send-pr. However (after maybe a 
> couple week) I don't see it in the list
> of upcoming ports, nor did I get any answer.
> IIRC I should get an automated message, just to inform me that my report was 
> received... is it so?

You mean this one?


It was committed on January 29th.  As far as I know you don't get back
a message when that happens -- you're meant to follow the appropriate
mailing list (in this case [EMAIL PROTECTED]) to see when
that happens.

If that wasn't the PR you meant, then it seems your submission has
gone astray, as that's the only PR listed with your name on it.  If
so, I'd try resubmitting the PR, but be sure to add a note saying that
you tried to submit before and it never aparently showed up.



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