I am working with the Kernel config file to optimize it and also to 
improve the overall security of the system!
I have the following quetions:
(1) There are a few options that are not available in the default 
kernel... like the IPFIREWALL options(and the like)... I basically need to 
know all possible options I can add to the kernel config file! 
(2) I guess these options can be used to set the kernel variables 
accessible through the sysctl command. So can I create my own options so 
that I can set a few kernel variables as and when I build the custom 
(3) and also my aim includes optimizing the kernel... so by enabling 
only the options I need to I should get a get optimization... is there 
anything else that can be done?
(4) My aim is to improve local and network security. I guess enabling 
IPFIREWALL helps with the network security part.... are there any 
special options for local security?
Thank you.

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