I just upgraded (I think :-)) from 4.5 to 4.10.
Initially tried an upgrade, which failed because of an undefined reference
in the X11 font server library (libfontconfig.so.1, FT_Get_BDF_Property").

Not to be deterred, I then attempted to do a complete install over the top
of everything.  This failed for the same reason.

I then did an install without X11.  This sort of seemed to work, although I
don't think things finished up properly because I didn't get the usual
questions about running an http server, etc.

However, it appeared the sys sources were updated and all the files were in
place, so I built a custom kernel (needed for my network drivers) and
things started up ok; it says it's 4.10-RELEASE #0, and files in /etc were
replaced and had to be tweaked (rc.conf, etc).

Unfortunately, the popper I was using (qpopper 4.0.3) was causing things on
clients attempting to pop to hang, so I decided to update it.  I deleted it
(pkg_delete), downloaded the new .tgz, and attempted to do a make:

  Makefile error: There is a COMMENTFILE in this port.
  COMMENTFILEs have been deprecated in 
  favor of COMMENT variables.
  Please rectify this.
  *** Error code 1

I attempted to do a pkg_add, which resulted in:
  pkg_add: package bsdpan-Archive-Tar-1.10 has no origin recorded
  and many similar messages of other bsdpan stuff

I'm guessing the entire package / make environment is hosed,
and I probably need to completely rebuild the system from scratch.  Is this
true, or is there a simpler answer?

Thanks for any insights.

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