A few months ago I brought up a new server using an Adaptec 2200S RAID
card, and it's been running fine with a RAID 1 array on channel 0.  Today
I tried to move the DLT (Quantum 4000) over to this server to make it the
amanda server, so I plugged it into the controller's external port for
channel 1.  When I do, neither amanda or mt will see the device, I get:

mt: /dev/nsa0: Device not configured

I tried rebooting (production box, but it had to be tried) and the Adaptec
BIOS correctly recognized the device, but I still got that error.  I tried
moving the SCSI cable to the channel 0 port, but that caused serious
panics and an ugly fscking power-cycle.   Power cycling the tape drive
repeatedly throughout this had no effect.  I even did a "sh MAKEDEV sa1"
thinking that the 0 in nsa0 might have something to do with the SCSI

No dice.  I'm all out of ideas...if anyone can spare a clue, please
respond by cc'ing me directly, as I am not subscribed to the lists.


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