On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Dan Nelson wrote:

> In the last episode (Jul 28), [EMAIL PROTECTED] said:
> > A few months ago I brought up a new server using an Adaptec 2200S RAID
> > card, and it's been running fine with a RAID 1 array on channel 0.  Today
> > I tried to move the DLT (Quantum 4000) over to this server to make it the
> > amanda server, so I plugged it into the controller's external port for
> > channel 1.  When I do, neither amanda or mt will see the device, I get:
> >
> > mt: /dev/nsa0: Device not configured
> This could mean that there's no tape in the drive.  Does "camcontrol
> devlist" see the drive?  Also make sure you have the "aacp" device in the
> kernel; that allows non-disk devices to pass through the raid controller and
> be seen by FreeBSD.

I should have added: camcontrol doesn't see *any* devices, including the
disks (and a rescan does nothing either).  I did not have the aacp option
enabled, so I will also try that.

It does not appear that any kernel options are neccessary for camcontrol
to work, as it works in all my older (4.9 and earlier) versions with
virtually the same kernel options as in this box (4.10)

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