Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:
Trying to install FreeBSD 5.2.1 on a Compaq Proliant 800, looking for
someone that has done this or similar. Of course, you have to have the
SmartStart CD, I have that, I choose System Erase and it loads the
Compaq partition and the FreeBSD goes without error and when I reboot I
get 'Invalid partition type', that's it. After System Erase, I set the
configuration to Unix (Large Geometry), there are 4 SCSI drives, two
18GB and two 9GB, FreeBSD finds and represents all correctly on install.
Seems the Compaq BIOS is just not letting me use those partitions as

It's been a while since I actually did this and I wasn't bright enough to document the process. This is an a Proliant 1500. I believe I picked the SCO UnixWare 7 configuration just because it was the only one with Unix in the name. I think the only significance that choice has is in what, if any, wizardy type install option you're given. Additionally, I had to do at least the following two things to get it working. There may have been more. Again, I foolishly did not document the process.

Set the APIC mode to "Full Table - Mapped" per the directions at

Set the amount of physical memory in /boot/loader.conf like so: hw.physmem="98304k". Of course, you'll substitute a value that reflects the amount of memory your box actually has. On the first go round you'll need to pick the option from the Beastie menu to get to a boot prompt and type in: 'set hw.physmem="98304k"' and then 'boot' or, to play it safer, 'boot -s'.

Hope this helps.  :-)
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