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Chris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> 1. Are you using KDM? If so, you make your choice at the login menu.
> 2. If not above, edit .xinitrc and comment out one IE:
> exec startkde
> #gnome-session
> #exec startxfce4
> #exec startfluxbox
> In the above example, KDE starts after entering startx
> #exec startkde
> gnome-session
> #exec startxfce4
> #exec startfluxbox
> In the above example, Gnome starts ater entering startx

The init file is cool, for any programs like xscreensaver or the like
you want to run at start, just add it in like this...

xscreensaver -nosplash&

Be sure to add the &, or it will run the program and not go any
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