On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, DK wrote:
... then you maybe right Remko, BSD may not be right for me.

I think it's becoming clear that it's not. You seem to expect FreeBSD to be 'just like MSWindows, but Better!' - but it's *not* like MSWin, at all. If you keep expecting to install/adminsiter a UNIX-like system in the same way you install/administer a MSWindows system, you will be perpetually frustrated and disappointed, because you will *continually* run into the ways in which FreeBSD is nothing like Windows, and you will *never* use the OS in the way it was designed to be used (because your mind is stuck in Windows-land).

If you're seriously interest in *learning* how to use UNIX-like systems, take it slowly and ask lots of specific questions. If you just want to rant, you're really wasting everybody's time.

David Fleck

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