I'm trying to port some linux code to FreeBSD (4.10).  One of the
files makes use of PEM_[read|write]_RSAPublicKey(...).

The linux version used a seven-param list for both read and
write, but the FreeBSD one seems to only require a two param
list for the write version:

#ifdef _FREEBSD
  PEM_write_RSAPublicKey(f, rsa);
  PEM_write_RSAPublicKey(f, rsa, NULL, NULL, 0, 0, "Zapf");

I know this, because the precompiler complained about differing
param counts during macro expansion.

When I compile with the above change now, however, I get:

/tmp/cc75DK8C.o: In function `MakeKey':
/usr/jail/cvswork/dev/firmware/cli/include/authfunctions.h:96: undefined reference to 
/usr/jail/cvswork/dev/firmware/cli/include/authfunctions.h:103: undefined reference to 

What am I missing?  I tried reinstalling openssl just in case, 
but that didn't change the behavior during the build, and the
handbook says it's part of the base install anyway.

man pem states <openssl/pem.h> should be included, and I'm doing that.


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